Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6, 2013

I’ll have to revise my characterization of my landlady as she did follow through on bringing two electricians at exactly ten in the morning. The two guys promptly set out to repair and/or install all the outlets needed while Mika went out again to buy other supplies including a doorbell, something I hadn’t even missed. She brought me back a piece of crunchy flat bread from the market. How sweet of her
As instructed, they located an outlet in the living room for the TV set, two others in the kitchen for all the appliances so that I finally don’t have any wires going across the floor and replaced the faulty light switches on various walls. Mika will have then come back tomorrow to repair all three vents, over the stove and in each side of the bathroom, as none of them work at the moment.

I was able to move the microwave from the table to the counter thus making more room for people to actually sit there. Mika promised she’s still looking for four chairs so I can do away with the stools and also promised to bring table knives to match the set she already has here. It never occurred to her buy those since she knows Kyrgyz people don’t use them.

I revised my PowerPoint presentation for the umpteenth time and then sent the handouts to Elvira so she can get them printed at the American University of Central Asia. She told she starts classes on Tuesday, as any university in the States would, as opposed to in early February as the Kyrgyz universities will be doing. I also did some work on the presentation for Friday at the American Pilot School.

In the evening, it was time to watch another classic of the silver screen, “His Girl Friday”, another one of the great films made by Cary Grant with Rosalind Russell as his sidekick. The rapid-fire dialogue had me in stitches and the actual events in the film could have been happening today despite the fact that the movie was filmed in 1940. Incredible! 

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