Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2, 2013

How perceptions change! After puttering around the apartment all day, I decided to go for an afternoon stroll since they day had been sunny and the temperature was relatively mild at 25 degree Fahrenheit. Had I been in the United States, that same temperature would have instilled in me a desire to stay home curled in my sofa with a good book and a pot of coffee.

Too bad the sidewalks are still covered with that dangerous mix of ice and craggy leftover snow for what should have been a pleasant walk turned into an obstacle course for many blocks while I searched for the indoor market Douglas had told me was located on the same side of the street as my apartment complex.
I did find it and he didn’t lie when he said I’d find fresh coconut, Hass avocados, limes, pineapples, broccoli, spinach and a myriad of other vegetables including fresh ginger. I got the garbanzo beans I was looking for to add to my plov and a few other provisions until the bag got too heavy to carry.

Going to this bazaar would definitely warrant the taking of a marshrutka during the winter as it’s just too dangerous to walk that far with the sidewalks in the conditions that they are now and will probably remain so for the next couple of months.

Matthew confirmed he’ll be attending the winter break session and asked to be included in the meeting on Friday. I invited Willoughby to come over for lunch or dinner tomorrow and she called to say she’d like to spend the day with me. We’ll go to the Osh bazaar together to get a few more things for lunch and wander through the neighborhood in search of a delicatessen and German bakery Douglas told us about.

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