Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 14, 2013

I had promised myself to bring a present to Isman, the older driver for Lingua who had helped me move to my new place, so I went downstairs to the fancy confectionery store to buy a cake as Zarina had suggested. There were only two chocolate cakes and both cost over ten dollars, which really surprised me as this is a very popular place with the locals. I bought the lower priced one and some green tea across the street. The trolley came in just then and I enjoyed a pleasant ride to Lingua since the trolleys have wide windows to look out, wide corridors and plenty of fresh air circulating.

The ride was shorter than it’d have been in a marshrutka as the trolleys can only drop off and pick up passengers at official bus stops. Zarina called Isman when I got in and he quickly came by to pick up his present. It was obvious he wasn’t used to carrying a cake home in its fancy box for he turned it on its side probably ruining the decorations on top of it. He seemed very pleased nonetheless.

I got to work on my presentation for the conference next week and stopped for a moment when Natalia came in. Apparently, the embassy is reconsidering the budget for the CATEC and needs to find places where cuts can be made without affecting the overall structure of the conference.

Going back home, I had the same problem as last Friday for no trolley came my way and my feet were beginning to feel numb from the cold. In exasperation, I jumped in the first marshrutka that came by showing a sign it was headed toward the Osh Bazaar and then had to walk more than five blocks to get home.

A persistent headache had plagued me all afternoon, so I made a cup of café con leche and watched the news for a bit. Willoughby informed me that ten people had confirmed attendance for the book club meeting and to please bring the leftover disposable plates and cutlery I had from the gathering at my house. Even Rebecca had confirmed her participation as well as the young woman from Albania I had met at Sierra Coffee.

I was relieved to hear we didn’t need to cancel the event entirely as I really had my heart set on getting this club going.

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