Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

I was delighted to have a full day to spend at home so I could finally organize all of my work materials so everything should be at hand when needed. I unpacked the printer, all of my books and training materials and threw away what I didn’t need any more.

While having breakfast, I tried to watch the dropping of the ball in New York City but Anderson Cooper and whatever-her-name is comedian made for a pair of dull entertainers, so I turned it off. Instead, I watched the movie “Zodiac”, which Yoomie had recommended long ago, and found it fascinating especially since Mark Ruffalo, one of my favorite actors, was in it.

I got the dishes done, marinated the beef to make plov tomorrow, did my hair and contemplated unpacking my clothes, but gave up the effort. There’s still tomorrow to get that task done. It snowed for a little while but not enough to add to what was already on the ground.

I completed the forms on what my presentations will be for the mid-year ELF conference in Almaty and sent them back to my RELO. Looking through my windows throughout the day, the city looked empty and eerily quiet as I guess the revelers must have been at home nursing their hangovers for the most part.

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