Monday, October 1, 2012

September 30, 2012

Rain, or more exactly a drizzle, fell all day long. The courtyard remained vacant until the late afternoon when a few kids ventured out of their flats to play outside. The temperature dropped quite a bit and I had to close the kitchen window, which I normally keep open to ventilate the place.

I had planned to stay home all day catching up on my correspondence and putting the finishing touches on the apartment, but to my day started out on a sour note when I noticed that there was no Internet access no matter how many different ways I tried to log in and restart my laptop. I finally gave up and decided to watch a bit of TV only to find that CNN recycles the same news and programs about every four hours and I had seen everything they were presenting on Saturday evening. I definitely need to switch cable companies as the lack of variety when it comes to television programming will drive me up the wall.

I started working on a couple of PowerPoint presentations as I realize now that I’ll be presenting at four or five different venues and don’t want to repeat myself ad nauseum. I do hope that the surveys provided by both Lingua and Forum will help pinpoint what exactly the teachers need in terms of professional development so I can tailor my presentations to their needs.

I got a phone call late in the evening from Chinara, a friend of my former classmate, Yorka, who lives here and to whom I had sent a message last week. She’d been in Korea and would like to invite to her house in the near future.

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