Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 6, 2012

My day didn’t turn out as I had expected. To begin with, it rained again during the night and the temperature dropped even more, so I had to scramble to find suitable clothes to wear. I was glad I had grabbed a pair of low-heel pumps at the last minute when packing so that now I had something to cover my feet and keep them warm.

The air felt nippy and people scurried around trying to get places fast. At last, the sun came through the clouds and warmed up the air a bit.  I made my way to Lingua where I was under the impression that a seminar was going to take place for me to observe its delivery.

Instead, Zarina told me a writing seminar was taking place and the teacher I had agree to see was taking part in it. I made a beeline for the computer room to at least get one task done: to print, sign, scan and email the letter authorizing my tax preparer to file on my behalf now that I’m a contractor for Georgetown University.

Nargila had offered to take me to the Ala-Too Square today to show me the most important area in the capital city, and after getting some pages laminated for my presentation on Monday, we proceeded to this area just a couple of blocks away from Lingua. I was hoping to be able to buy some postcards there, but there none to be found. I took some photos in the now blinding sunlight and hoped for the best outcome.

My colleague filled me in as to the names of the different heroes, and one heroine, whose statues graced the different areas of the plaza. Nargila had some other commitment after one hour and made sure I was on the right marshrutka before saying goodbye.

I sent a text message to Ron Hernandez, a former Peace Corps volunteer who had chosen to stay and live here, and whom I had contacted through my Couch Surfing organization. He had invited me for drinks on Thursday, but I wasn’t interested in going out at night yet. I asked him to come over for a cup of coffee, which he accepted and then cancelled.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening working on a PowerPoint presentation on classroom management for college professors. In addition to that, I have another presentation Monday morning on Columbus Day which I plan on turning into why we shouldn’t celebrate such infamous date.

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