Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012

The snow forecast for today didn’t materialize, but that didn’t stop me from cancelling my observation at the American Pilot School as I was feeling a bit rundown from all the activities that had taken place during the week and didn’t have appropriate clothing to face the low 30s temperature. The day started out overcast, but little by little, the clouds moved away and by early afternoon sunshine was streaming into my kitchen and living room and making me feel toasty warm.

Then it was time to hunker down at my computer and finish the CATEC documents so they could be forwarded to all those involved at the embassy level who will be giving it their seal of approval. I only heard back from Johanna at the embassy who reminded me she’ll be going on maternity leave soon and introduce me to her replacement until next February. My RELO sent a message asking for my phone number as she’d be making some suggestions soon.

Spent the majority of the afternoon finishing my PowerPoint on speaking activities and deciding which activities would be most beneficial to include. When I read the “Exit Slips” the teachers had completed the day before, most of them complained the session was too short, two hours, and that I never have enough time to go over every single handout and demonstrate how it is to be used. The rest of the comments were very positive mentioning mostly how useful the demonstrations and handouts have been so far.

It was a very productive day altogether. Tatjana sent me a text message asking if I was all right and I apologized for not letting her know I’d not be present at her session today. That was very unprofessional of me I have to admit.

My landlady had promised to come by today to pick up the bills I had found tucked into my door the other day. One is for the security system, which as I had suspected I’ll be expected to pay from now on, for 385.00 soms and the other for electricity going back to the month of August. She agreed to pay for both of them this month and I’ll pick it up from there. She then called to cancel as her husband was not available just then and said she’d be coming by on Saturday.

Elvira also called to arrange to meet on Sunday morning to complete an application for a small grant that would allow Forum to publish their newsletter and distribute it nationwide. We agreed to meet at ten at my flat.

Gulnara, from Lingua, wrote to ask if I was warm enough in my apartment because if that wasn’t the case, she could send the office’s space heater for me to use. I replied that the apartment was very warm and not to worry about it. I still can’t believe I’m surrounded by such caring individuals.

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