Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 20, 2012

I spent a leisure day at my flat working away at my computer while enjoying the gorgeous weather outside. Took a break in the afternoon and went across the street to buy juice, milk and water while waiting for my landlady who didn’t show up or call at all.

Called Brian Itoh, the Peace Corps volunteer Sally had asked to bring some Reese’s peanut butter cups for, and he promised to come by tomorrow at some point. The two couch surfers from Italy traveling in from Kazakhstan also wrote to say they plan on arriving Sunday evening. They were looking for accommodation for five days, but I was firm in telling me my couch is only available for three.

Elvira called to say she’d be coming by at nine am as something had come up and she needed to be someplace else by noon.

Spent the rest of the afternoon trying to come up with an index for the resource booklet that Bill, at the Peace Corps office, would like to reprint for his volunteers. I didn’t realize how many more pages I’ve accumulated since the publication of the original booklet back in 2002. Perhaps I could just send him all the material for his perusal and he can then determine what’d be most useful for his team.

I watched a riveting movie, “The Italian Job”, which kept me at the edge of my seat with its fast-paced action, electrifying performances, and absolutely unexpected ending. The stunt jobs were also superbly done. 

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