Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013

Spent the entire day at home puttering around aimlessly. My inability to focus on any one project was so unlike me that I had to pause and reflect on my state of mind. Perhaps skipying with my sister early in the morning to get an update on my mom’s condition was what started my less than upbeat mood.

Having discussed the issue of moving our mother into an assisted living facility once and for all when I get home, I offered to look at a few possible sites for her to visit and choose from. I sent my sister several links noting that only one of them offered a quote and the rates started at over $2,000.00 a month.

I wrote to Zarina to find out if anything had been done insofar as being able to retrieve the files from my flashdrive and to determine if Willoughby and I could use their computer room to put together the Forum newsletter for the CATEC conference. She didn’t have an answer yet about the flashdrive, but informed me that Lingua was closed for classes on Saturdays during the summer.

When Willoughby called me, I told her the news and we decided to meet at my flat after her Russian class was over. Once we finish the newsletter, I’ll accompany her to the Tsum department store as she’s interested in buying a smart phone before heading back to the States this summer.

The temperature reached 90 degrees and the sun came in as a slanted ray into the computer room. The stifling heat drove me to the living room where it was a bit cooler. I read a bit more of the Kingsolver’s book, but kept falling asleep.

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