Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30, 2013

Still having trouble sleeping the whole night through. I was up before five and got down to work on the myriad of projects still remaining before my departure. No word yet from Rebecca regarding the Access program summer camp schedule and I’m not going to be the one to remind her even though I want to go ahead and buy my ticket to Dushanbe soon.

The weather was gorgeous even if it was beginning to look like a scorcher from my window. I did more cooking, more washing of dishes and more boiling of water so I could wash my hair. This not having hot water for a whole month is really for the birds.

Willoughby had purchased three tickets so Damira could accompany us to the concert being given by Kanykei at seven and we agreed to meet in front of the Sports Palace. Damira offered to come to my flat first and then we’d walk from there.

I finished reading “Daughter of Fortune” and found the ending lacking as the major characters are left in suspense. That’s not the kind of book I enjoy reading at all. I want a resolution of some kind at the end. I got started on Barbara Kingsolver’s “Lacuna”.

Damira called to say she’d meet me at the concert venue and I just walked over running into Willoughby just a block prior to the place. I had seen mulberries hanging from a tree, finally, but still don’t know if they’d be for sale at the bazaar soon.

                                                      A mulberry tree

The doors to the place were still closed at 6:30, but many people were milling around waiting including some very elegantly dressed young women. I was surprised by the number of children who seemed to be accompanying their parents to this event.

Instead of starting at 7:00, the singer showed up at 7:40 and blamed it on the audience according to Damira. She wasn’t dressed in the outlandish fashion I recall seeing at the Opera Ballet House and seemed to be wearing glasses. I had a difficult time looking at the details for some idiot had positioned a couple of reflector lights behind her and they were beaming directly at me.


I pulled out my notebook and kept it in front of my face to avoid going blind. I’d expected for her to be a better dancer, but all she did was sway to the music from time to time. She only had a bass player and two electric guitar musicians. The three young men who took over to give her a chance to change were a torture to see or listen to as they played some kind of electronic music in the background to do their break dancing/hip hop/crunk type of number. I couldn’t wait for them to get off the stage.

Following that, two thuggish-looking guys came on the stage for a trio that sounded very close to a rap song. The highlight of the evening was the performance by an older, but very attractive, singer by the name of Gulnor who sang like an angel. I’ve to look her up on YouTube to hear some more of her songs.

Damira had indicated she needed to head home by 9:30 for she lives far away and finding a marshrutka after that time could be a challenge. Willoughby wanted for her to arrange a taxi as well, so we left at that time and Kanykei was still singing more of the same as she’d done before.

I turned down the chance to ride part of the way in the taxi and told them the night was beautiful and I needed the exercise. I came home to heat up my leftovers and had a decent meal before heading to bed.

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