Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

I spent another sleepless night tossing and turning while trying to find a comfortable angle so as not to irritate my hemorrhoids. I got up at the crack of dawn and got busy doing another load of laundry and other chores.

I could see that a beautiful day was in store for the citizens of Bishkek, but I was in too much pain to even consider walking anywhere. I took turns throughout the day between sitting for a while and taking short walks around the flat to relieve the pressure.

I put some more work into the e-book to the point that I was pretty satisfied it was ready to get page numbers and then I could write the table of content and so be done with it. I sent it to Willoughby for a quick review before proceeding.

In the late afternoon, I lay on the sofa and read a good portion of the book “Daughter of Fortune” as the part dealing with the Chinese character was quite compelling in its description of his upbringing and training as a healer. The female protagonist didn’t seem as believable in my eyes.

Willoughby wrote to say she wanted to attend a concert by Kanykei, the singer we’d had met at the Opera Ballet Theater, and I agreed to go with her on Thursday evening. I spoke to Damira on the telephone and invited her to join us as she’s trying to get us the information required to travel to Moscow by train.

My sister wrote to say my mom was back in the emergency room this time complaining of abdominal pain as apparently she had an intestinal obstruction of some type. My sister went back to her house to try and sleep a few hours while Mom was transferred to a regular room for observation. I really pity my sister.

Johanna wrote wanting to know what my plans were for the rest of my fellowship, and I decided to answer the question the following day after my spirits were a bit higher following the Naryn fiasco.

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