Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16, 2012

Wish I could say that I had spent a quiet day at home simply going about the tasks that I usually relegate to Sundays for lack of much time during the week, but my upstairs neighbors appear to be engaged in some furious remodeling job and gave me no peace whatsoever all day long
Out of pure frustration, I sent an email to Zarina asking her to please contact my landlady tomorrow to have her intervene in this situation since it has been ongoing since I moved here almost three months ago. It’s simply beyond my comprehension what they could possibly be building/rebuilding that has taken up this much time and for it to go on every single day of the week. I have given up entirely on taking a nap on the late afternoons for all the racket going on upstairs. I’m simply sick of it and have threatened to break my lease if need.

I read for a few hours the book “Losing Isaiah” and found it fascinating. I remember the book was made into a movie starring Halle Berrie and would love to see it in order to compare the two versions. Instead, I watched “The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert”, an Australian film that have been on my list of films to watch and I wasn’t disappointed as the acting was superb, costumes and make-up flawless, and the landscape of the Australian Outback simply breathtaking.

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