Monday, December 10, 2012

December 09, 2012

I had a very productive day today as I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. In preparation for having people come over on Tuesday for the book club gathering, I thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, picked all the clothing from my bed and adjacent surfaces and tidied up the living room.

I told Willoughby she was welcomed to stay overnight that day since she lives in the suburbs of Bishkek and wasn’t sure how late the minibuses would be running in her direction. I made an effort to clean up the guest room cum office so she’d have access to the sofa bed which Ryan had shown me how to open properly.

I managed to cook the pumpkin soup with lots of curry powder and fresh cream and it tasted divine. I ground some of the coffee beans Matilde had given me; put away the laundry I had done the night before and finally did my hair. I also managed to locate my address in a Google map and sent a reminder for the meeting on Tuesday with a link to it so everyone can find it easily.

In addition to all that, I finally gave up on listening to my music through either the Media Player or the recently downloaded Real Player and returned to the ITunes set up that had worked so wonderfully for me before. I spent the afternoon going down memory lane by listening to my favorite songs by Sandro.

Finally, I had to research the popularity of the movie “Mamma Mia!” for having seen the lethargic musical in Las Vegas back in 2005, I couldn’t imagine that the movie version could have been any better. And I wasn’t disappointed as the movie is a through exercise in nonsense from beginning to end with bad singing and worse dancing all around. Staring at the bloating stomach of the middle age men in it did nothing to enhance my enjoyment. And to think that this movie has raked in millions of dollars in revenue. Unbelievable.

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