Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013

Spent the entire day at home hunched up at my computer trying futilely to finish the e-book and just be done with it. I noticed I must have been getting really tired for I started making mistakes in writing the remaining answer keys and out of frustration had to stop and go to the sofa and take a nap.

Gulnara from Forum called to say she wanted to add my name to the certificates being issued tomorrow to the participants who made presentations during this school year at the Saturday sessions. I saw no problem with that.

I had informed Gulnara that the weather forecast indicated temperatures would rise to 100 degree Fahrenheit tomorrow and that perhaps Forum should consider shortening the all-day outing to some park. She stated they would consider it during the meeting.

Gulnara from Lingua called to confirm that I would be the point of contact for the EFLs in Central Asia in case they needed assistance getting from Bishkek to Issyk-Kul and back and she sent an email to everyone confirming this arrangement.

I called Larissa, at Carson Wagonlit, to confirm that our request for a visa had been accepted as we had never gotten her SMS confirming it. She indicated they had been accepted and we should have them by next Thursday. I sent Willoughby a message with that information right away.

Willoughby called me in the evening to inform me that her feet were still bothering her. We had talked about the fact that she seemed to be suffering from the same ailment, plantar fasciitis; my mom had had several years ago. The Peace Corps office had gotten her an appointment tomorrow morning at 10:30 and thus she’d not be attending the Forum meeting and perhaps not even the picnic.

I told her I’d go the meeting for I felt obligated to monitor the so called “election” for president, but if she were not able to attend the picnic, I’d cancel as well as I’d have no one interesting to talk to anyway. Willoughby indicated she’d try to find a way to get to the picnic on her own, but if it wasn’t possible, then we could get together later on.

I finally got a message from my friend Mercedes with whom I had lost touch for many, many months. I felt relieved to hear that she was fine, but very busy now that she’s attending cosmetology school to get her license as a beautician.

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