Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2, 2013

It was warm enough this morning that I only had to don my lightweight sweatshirt to make a dash to the bank and withdraw the remaining money to pay my rent after the landlady gave a buzz to remind me she’d be coming by for it. Willoughby had also mentioned she’d be coming by after doing some shopping at the Osh bazaar.

I had cereal for breakfast while watching CNN cover some news from the Middle East and Africa. I tidied up the apartment before Willoughby got here around one and then we sat down to catch on each other’s news as she had been out of town at an HIV seminar most of the week.

We drank coffee and then took the trolley to the Opera Ballet where several couples, who had just gotten married, were having their shots taken by professional photographers. The ballet today was a modern one to take place in two acts, and there were lots of young people milling around when we got there.

The lower-priced tickets were all sold out, and we had to settle for the third row orchestra seats at 250.00 soms each, still a bargain by U.S. standards. There was no orchestra playing today and the canned music was most disappointing as it sounded robotic and discordant. The dancing seemed amateurish and morbid. I was not impressed with either ballet, each lasting about 25 minutes, and was more than happy when it was over.

I took it that most of the crowd must have been friends and relatives of the dancers for real lovers of ballet would not have been happy with that particular show. It was still light outside and we had agreed to try and find the other Chinese restaurant Zamira had taken me to last year now that I had a better idea of its location two blocks behind the Tsum department store.

It was no trouble whatsoever to find the place and it was crowded just like the last time. Our server spoke no English and there was no menu in English either. I was racking my brains trying to remember the names of different vegetables to order when a young woman spoke English to us and helped us order stir-fried broccoli, lamb, spinach and fried rice along with green tea.

The servings were generous, the food was piping hot and somewhat spicy, it didn’t take too long to come and yet, I didn’t find it as good as the time when Zamira was the one doing the ordering. Willoughby liked very much and pronounced it the best Chinese she’s eaten so far. I got the leftovers this time and then we walked back to the bus stop just in time for me to run after the #4 trolley and get in it. 

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