Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 17, 2013

I spent a pleasant morning at home cooking, doing the dishes and catching up on FaceBook. Elvira called to say she couldn't come this morning to work on her sabbatical application and promised to send it via email for me to review it.

The drilling and hammering started once again, this time from the opposite side of the apartment, and I decided I was not going to put up a fight this time around. A little while later, the door bell rang and the tenant across the landing came in to explain she wasn't the one making the noise as her unit was finally finished. She promised we would become best of neighbors once she settled in for good.

She also notified me that someone was opening up a store on the first floor, and they had just started remodeling the unit three days ago. I certainly must have a knack for selecting buildings to live in where one or other tenant is perpetually renovating their apartments.

I started to work on the mid-year report I need to send to Georgetown, the embassy and my RELO this week. When it came to the sticky question of how communication had been with all three entities, I had to pause as I realized I had to mention the awful way they had handled my post renewal without sounding like I was whining.

Willoughby and I agreed to meet for coffee prior to the opera so we could catch up with latest happenings in our professional lives. Although cold, the sunny afternoon was perfect for a stroll and many families could be seen walking around the plaza where a display for Valentine’s Day was still up.

                                 Backdrop for lovers to have their photos taken

The Masal coffee shop had quite a few customers this time including a whole family at one table. We occupied a booth set somewhat about the others and talked at length about the report from the previous ELF I had sent Willoughby. She had taken copious notes as she wants to follow up on some of the comments and recommendations Sally had mentioned.

                          I have yet to find out where this trolley takes tourists to

We walked back to the Opera Ballet Theater after stopping at the underpass to collect some photocopying Willoughby had left pending. The place was also buzzing with people and most vendors were open, so it sure didn't look like a Sunday to me.

The opera was short and sweet with a few dancing numbers sprinkled in to make me happy and the live music was superb. We had a few teenagers around, all with their cell phones alight, who talked practically non-stop for the first portion but who thankfully disappeared after the first act.

When we stepped outside at 6:40 pm, it was still light. To me that was a clear signal that spring is approaching, but Willoughby remained cautious indicating that snow was still in the forecast for next week. She boarded her marshrutka and I my trolley and I got home while it was still light outside. I remain optimistic.

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