Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 11, 2013

I’m definitely getting over the congestion in my sinuses and felt even better when I saw the sun coming up from behind the clouds after three overcast, cheerless days. I went to Lingua and while waiting to meet with Gulnara to discuss the end of my participation in the conversation club, I worked on the presentation for the following day.

I finally sent the tentative rubric to all members of the CATEC committee for their input so we can finalize it before the end of the month. Anna came by to let me know that the applications from Uzbekistan had been received already. We have yet to develop a system to handle the applications. I’ll have to set up another meeting to discuss that aspect of the academic portion of the conference.

I had lunch with Nargiza, Zarina and others and asked Nargiza if she would be available to go with me to the main post office to inquire about the package Elizabeth had sent me two months ago. She had to plan for her two afternoon classes, but offered to do so on Wednesday morning before she started teaching. Gulnara indicated that Mondays were usually crazily busy for her and we should meet on Wednesday as well.

Nargiza needed to use the room where the computers are located to teach her classes for young learners and not having anything specific to do there, I left Lingua and went back home. I emailed Azema, at the Bishkek Humanities University, the handouts needed for the session the next day and set out to gather all my materials for the speaking activities I’d need.

I then had a portion of the evening to watch the movie “Argo” and found it quite compelling, a nail-biter indeed. No wonder it has garnered so many prizes on the award circuits. I still wish Ben Affleck had had the decency to offer the role of Tony Mendez to a Latino/Hispanic actor instead of casting himself in it.

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